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  • Why should I pay for this?
    Hey, Nick here. I'm the kind of person who will walk 2 miles rather than take the subway for $1.50. I once sat outside of a sandwich shop all night to win free sandwiches for a year. Then I showed up 50 out of 52 weeks for my free sandwich and never went back after the year was over. The entire time I was creating My Next Thing, I imagined trying to sell this idea to myself. I think I would be my toughest customer. So if you're asking this question, I respect you for it. Here's my pitch. You could do your own research and find a book, video, guide, website, blog, or class to teach you how to do any of these THINGS. No doubt. It would take some time, but I’m sure you could do it. But would you find the best thing out there? And how long would it take? Would you talk yourself out of starting in the mean time? If you trust the fact that I’ve used all of the resources included in this THING and think they are great - great enough to recommend to you - you can save a bunch of time and choose to start your next THING right now. And that, I believe, is valuable.
  • Do I stop doing my THING after the month is over?
    After a month of doing your THING, it probably isn’t going to be something you can put on the shelf and forget about. It will be something you keep enjoying in your free time while you select and begin a routine with your new THING for the next month.
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