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The most difficult part of doing my THING used to be finding motivation on days when I just wasn't feeling it. On those days, I tried to find a video, a podcast, a book, or something (ANYTHING) to inspire me. Too often though, I struggled to find anything good and ended up never doing my THING that day. I often thought, "It would be so nice to know exactly where to go to instantly find inspiration."

Well, my wish came true. That place is right here. 


Welcome to The Inspiration Page.

On days where you're not feeling motivated to do your THING, this is the place you can turn for motivation.

I've put together the best free resources that you can use for inspiration while you're doing your THING. Not everything I found made the final cut. In other words, this is only the good stuff.

You can (and should) visit this page any time you do your THING. But I especially recommend visiting The Inspiration Page when...

1. You know all you need is one quick motivation boost to get yourself to do your THING.

2. Your free time for the day is just starting.

3. You are looking for ways to branch out of your usual routine.

4. You want to learn how others have done this same THING.


Read the title of this video and you already know this is going to be good. In my opinion, these plant timelapses are some of the most satisfying videos on the internet.

From the quality of the videos to the quality of the tips, this channel produces some of the best indoor plant content on YouTube in my opinion.

I PROMISE that growing an avocado from a seed is more difficult than this charming guy makes it seem, but this is the inspiration page after all. I dare you to watch this video and not want to give this a try.

Here's a tip: if you're new to indoor plants, don't start by trying to grow the coolest plants that you see on Instagram. Instead, start by learning about the best plants for beginners and branch out from there.

Watching one of Betsy's videos feels like hanging out with a friend you've had for your whole life. I enjoy her many videos (like this one) diagnosing common houseplant problems.

There is something so wild about watching a LITERAL TREE grow from a the lemon seeds that we've all thrown away hundreds of times. This is certainly not an easy plant to grow, but if you want to be inspired to give indoor plants a try, this is a great video.

Instagram accounts

Two of my favorite Instagram communities are Bookstagram and Plantstagram. You really have to look no further than the following accounts for content that will make you want to go out and buy a dozen new plants and install a stupid number of floating shelves to hold them all. Click on the photos to visit each page.

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