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31 day challenge

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It's time to stop setting New Year's Resolutions without a plan.

how it works

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Register for the challenge and receive the 31 Day Challenge Guidebook. The guidebook helps you choose one of four THINGS:

Reading | Yoga | Cooking | Meditation

The guidebook also provides habit-building strategies backed by research to double your chances of sticking with your THING.

The Challenge begins on January 1st. Do your THING every day for 31 days and report your progress on the 31 Day Challenge Community Scoreboard. The scoreboard allows you to track your progress and give and receive support with others who are doing the same THING you are.


The community support features of the 31 Day Challenge are backed by research to give you a 4x better chance of sticking with your THING than relying on motivation alone.

what you get


suggested copy


I have to admit that I'm part of the 80%. But that is going to change this year! Join me in the @mynextthing 31 Day Challenge and use my discount code to save 15% on your registration.


2020 was a tough year. I'm going to make sure that 2021 starts off on a bright note by participating in the @mynextthing 31 Day Challenge. I plan on reading for 31 days in a row. What THING will you choose? Use my discount code for 15% off your registration.


Did you know that 80% of people fail to stick with New Year's Resolutions? Join the @mynextthing 31 Day Challenge with me for a 6x better chance of sticking with your New Year's Resolution this year. Use my discount code to save 15% on your registration.

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