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The most difficult part of doing my THING used to be finding motivation on days when I just wasn't feeling it. On those days, I tried to find a video, a podcast, a book, or something (ANYTHING) to inspire me. Too often though, I struggled to find anything good and ended up never doing my THING that day. I often thought, "It would be so nice to know exactly where to go to instantly find inspiration."

Well, my wish came true. That place is right here.  


Welcome to The Inspiration Page.

On days where you're not feeling motivated to do your THING, this is the place you can turn for motivation.

I've put together the best free resources that you can use for inspiration while you're doing your THING. Not everything I found made the final cut. In other words, this is only the good stuff.

You can (and should) visit this page any time you do your THING. But I especially recommend visiting The Inspiration Page when...

1. You know all you need is one quick motivation boost to get yourself to do your THING.

2. Your free time for the day is just starting.

3. You are looking for ways to branch out of your usual routine.

4. You want to learn how others have done this same THING.


The mind games start even before you start running.  Once you're out there, the real games begin.

I'm the farthest place from finishing a 100-kilometer race.  But watching Amelia Boone crush her ultramarathon makes me feel I can definitely get out there and run a 5K.

At the end of the day, you have to show up to do this THING, or any THING.  These are people, just like you and me, who hold themselves accountable by showing up at 6:30 am, a couple of times a week, to run.

"If you've ever considered running, know that no one gives a s**t how you fare compared to everybody else.  All that really matters is how did you do compared with how you wanted to do." - Casey Neistat

Advice from an Olympic runner for absolute beginners or those who have fallen out of the habit.  This also touches on how to get out there and run when you aren’t feeling motivated.

At first, Emily could only run for 1 minute at a time.  4 weeks later she’s up to 5 minutes at a time.  She’s training for a half marathon in 6 months.


Running for Real

Over 3 million downloads since 2017.

Tina Muir is a great question asker, is seriously funny, and puts her guests (and the listener)

at ease during her interviews.  As a former professional runner, Tina has a ton of running 

experience to share and delivers it in a helpful and non-intimidating manner.


Run Eat Repeat

Monica shares realistic training advice that she has used to go from a beginning runnerto

finishing 30+ marathons and 50+ half marathons in 10 years.  When you start rounding down

the number of marathons you've finished, you know what you're talking about.

running for real podcast art.jpg
run eat repeat podcast art.jpg



Run to the Finish - This website is for people like me who think “I’m not a real runner.”  It’s true that you can always get faster or go further - this website will help you do that and feel good about the process.

Runner’s World - Do you know the Stefon SNL sketches?  His famous line is “This place has everything.”  For all I know, he could be talking about Runner’s World.  This site has everything.  Running gear recommendations, training plans, race finders, cross-training workouts, and beginner running tips.

Run Eat Repeat - Monica Olivas is a total boss.  In 10 years, she’s finished 30+ full marathons and 50+ half marathons.  She’s also a RRCA Running Coach. 




If you’re a novice runner (like me), I recommend chapters 1 and 4 from this book.  


What is the best way to boost your mental and physical endurance while running? 

This book doesn’t necessarily weave its exploration of the science of human

endurance into a cohesive guide, but it did help me understand the limits of

human endurance through its many examples.  I often found myself thinking

about this book during my runs when I started to fatigue.  For that reason,

I think it’s a worthwhile read if you stick to my chapter recommendations.


No Need for Speed 

In his late 30s, John Bingham realized his life was a mess. He was overweight,

hooked on cigarettes, drinking too much, and couldn't even get up the stairs

without huffing and puffing.  He started running and it changed his life.  He’s

known as the “patron saint of the back of the pack” and “the penguin.” 

In other words, he doesn’t run fast.  But he always finishes the race.

Full transparency, I wanted to read this book but I couldn’t get my hands on a

copy while I was running for my THING.  I still want to recommend it because

it comes so highly recommended from beginner runners of all ages.



Endure Book Alex Hutchinson.jpg
No Need for Speed book Cover.jpg

find a race

If you’re feeling good about your running habit and want to motivate yourself even more, consider signing up for a race! 


Here are some resources to find a race near you:



Free, weekly,  timed, community events all over the world

Find a Race

Everything from fun runs to ultra-marathons. They promise to help you find thousands of inspiring, memorable, and brilliantly sweaty experiences.


5Ks, 10ks, half marathons, and… glow runs? Find it all here.

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