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The most difficult part of doing my THING used to be finding motivation on days when I just wasn't feeling it. On those days, I tried to find a video, a podcast, a book, or something (ANYTHING) to inspire me. Too often though, I struggled to find anything good and ended up never doing my THING that day. I often thought, "It would be so nice to know exactly where to go to instantly find inspiration."

Well, my wish came true. That place is right here.  


Welcome to The Inspiration Page.

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On days where you're not feeling motivated to do your THING, this is the place you can turn for motivation.

I've put together the best free resources that you can use for inspiration while you're doing your THING.  Not everything I found made the final cut. In other words, this is only the good stuff.

You can (and should) visit this page any time you do your THING. But I especially recommend visiting The Inspiration Page when...

1. You know all you need is one quick motivation boost to get yourself to do your THING.

2. Your free time for the day is just starting.

3. You are looking for ways to branch out of your usual routine.

4. You want to learn how others have done this same THING.



My Morning Routine

Browse nearly 350 morning routines of bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and creative people in order to find inspiration for your morning routine. This site categorizes routines based on your lifestyle, such as late risers, morning exercise, parents, full-time jobs, and more.



Biohacking Your Evening Routine

  • Summary: Sticking to a regular bedtime is ideal, but not realistic for most busy people. Instead, focus on separating your routine into these two distinct segments: evening and pre-sleep.

  • My experience: I’ve been more conscious of what I’m putting into my body in the hours before I go to bed, which has improved my sleep quality.  

Biohacking Your Morning Routine

  • Summary: Eliminate as much decision making as possible during my morning routine.  Creating a defined, predictable morning routine eliminates distractions and decisions while your mind is warming up for the day.

  • My experience: I've started drinking lemon water in the morning which has a surprising amount of health benefits). On an ideal day, I do 10-15 minutes of light yoga and do 5-15 minutes of meditation during my morning routine.


HBR Ideacast

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  • Your Brain’s Ideal Schedule

    • We have three hours at the beginning of the day where we’re really, really focused. How are you going to spend those hours? And after a long day of work, how do you mentally disconnect and use your free time to recharge? I had many “aha” moments listening to this episode.

  • The Right Way to Form New Habits

    • I’m tempted to make this podcast episode required listening for anyone doing My Next Thing. It addresses two great questions about forming habits: Who is the type of person who can achieve these outcomes?  How can I change my mindset about myself?

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Deep Work - Cal Newport

Although this book has implications for producing better results at work, I found it helped me create and stick with my morning/evening routine. Deep Work is a guide to having focused success in an increasingly distracted world. Learn how to break free from the frantic blur of e-mail and social media and go deep on the THINGS you actually want to be doing.



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A Simple Routine

While it would be great if we could all have complete autonomy over our schedules, taking an hour (or longer) for a morning routine isn’t possible for everyone.  That doesn’t mean you should skip a morning routine, though.  Instead modify it to fit your busy schedule.  The routine offered here could be done in as little as 10 minutes but would certainly prime you to take on the day.

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