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welcome to the running home page

welcome to the Running home page

If you’re reading this, I already applaud you.  You made the difficult choice to make running your next THING.  No matter how much previous running experience you have, I’m sure that on some level you’re nervously wondering if you can really stick to this THING.  I totally empathize with that feeling.  Compared to a lot of the other THINGS on My Next Thing, running is really hard. 


I used the inspiration page a lot when I was building my running habit during this THING, so I encourage you to do the same.  It's full of videos, podcasts, books, and websites that you can turn to any time you need a little motivation to get out there and run.

There are 4 steps to this THING.


In step 1, you will convince yourself that you can be a runner before you ever lace up your shoes.  In step 2, we’ll talk about how to get those shoes.  In step 3, we’ll explore the various recommendations for how and when to run based on your running goals.  In step 4 we'll keep you healthy and injury-free during this THING with tips on nutrition, hydration, recovery, and sleep.

Two quick reminders

You don't have to do your THING every day.

Some days you aren't going to have free time to do your THING, and that's okay.  When you do, make it your goal to do your THING right away.  The goal is to build a habit of defaulting to your THING during your free time instead of all of the other things that feel aimless.  There's always time for those after you do your THING.

The time you spend on your THING each day isn't all that important.  

The goal isn't to run x number of miles.  The goal is to put on your running clothes.  The most important part of doing your THING is choosing to do it in the first place.

Step 1: the incredible health benefits of running

(even if you're slow like me)

Step 2: find a great pair of running shoes

Step 3: find a running plan that fits your goals

Step 4: stay healthy and injury free while running

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