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welcome to the cooking home page

This page will be your home-base while you're doing your THING.

Whether you're completely new to cooking or want to brush up on your skills, start by taking a look at The Basics Page.

The Recipes Page features more than 55 recipes that I've personally prepared and highly recommend.

Two quick reminders

You don't have to do your THING every day.

Some days you aren't going to have free time to do your THING, and that's okay. When you do, make it your goal to do your THING right away. The goal is to build a habit of defaulting to your THING during your free time instead of all of the other free time options that feel more aimless. There's always time for those after you do your THING.

The time you spend on your THING each day isn't all that important.  

The goal isn't to cook for an hour every day. The goal is to cook something each day. The most important part of doing your THING is choosing to do it in the first place.

start here if you've literally never cooked before

(or if you want to brush up on your skills)

find your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe

eat healthy, save time, and spend less money with a 5 or 7 day meal plan

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