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welcome to the morning/evening routine home page

This page will be your home-base while you're doing your THING.

Follow the steps in order for a comprehensive guide to this THING.

The inspiration page is full of websites, podcasts, books, and articles that you can use anytime you need a little extra motivation to do your THING.

Two quick reminders

You don't have to do your THING every day.

Some days you aren't going to have free time to do your THING, and that's okay.  When you do, make it your goal to do your THING right away.  The goal is to build a habit of defaulting to your THING during your free time instead of all of the other things that feel aimless.  There's always time for those after you do your THING.

The time you spend on your THING each day isn't all that important.  

The goal isn't to do your routine for an hour every day.  The goal is to start the first part of your routine. The most important part of doing your THING is choosing to do it in the first place. Visit the inspiration page any time you need a little extra motivation do do your THING.

Step 1: Browse the routines of successful individuals 

Step 2: get the facts about your morning and evening routine

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