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Compared to many of the other THINGS on My Next Thing, growing indoor plants seem pretty straightforward and hands-off. Plant, water, sun, done - right? The truth is, indoor plants require more intentionality than that.


If you would like to start using your free time for more purposeful activity than watching Netflix and scrolling through social media apps, indoor plants are an approachable place to start. With just a few minutes each day, you can use houseplants as a solid habit-building practice and a stepping stone to more time- and energy-intensive habits.


Not to mention the obvious fact that taking care of indoor plants will fill your home or office with beautiful, air-purifying, living decorations. Making indoor plants your next THING could very well turn into a lifetime hobby, and this guide has everything you need to get started.




If I'm being kind to myself, I'll say that I started growing indoor plants with a spirit of optimism. If I'm being honest with myself, I'll say that I started growing indoor plants with no idea what I was doing. And that approach showed.

My first plants survived for a few months before drooping, turning all sorts of non-green colors, and ultimately dying. Eventually I started comparing my approach with indoor plants to that of my partner, who had some beautiful, healthy plants that she had been growing for years. I watered my plants anytime I remembered to - sometimes three times per week, sometimes three times per month. My partner checked the soil before watering and watered only when the soil was dry. I gave my plants as much sunlight as possible. She put some plants in direct sun and other plants in partial sun. In other words, I had a lot to learn from her approach.

Since then I've spent significant time learning about the individual needs of my plants, and I have been surprised to learn that by putting plants in the right environment to thrive, they only need periodic attention to stay healthy. Since then, I've increased the number of plants under my care and I'm happy to report that they are all healthy and growing well.

I've taken my lessons learned and put them into this Indoor Plants guide so you can start growing indoor plants with a confident, intentional strategy from the start.


There is a bit of a startup cost for indoor plants. At the very least you'll need to purchase the plants, pots, and potting soil. As your plants grow, you will need to consider purchasing fertilizer, pruning shears, and larger pots. I suggest thinking of indoor plants as an ivestment - if you take good care of your plants they will last for years. But don't let the cost inhibit you from starting. In this guide, I will share strategies for stretching your indoor plant budget so you can get the most out of your money.


Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

- Liberty Hyde Bailey

“Watching something grow is good for morale. It helps us believe in life.”

- Myron Kaufmann




Where to Put Your Plant

In this section, you will receive a detailed guide about how the light, airflow, and humidity of your home or office affects plants growing in that space. This guide helps you understand these conditions before you buy a plant, so you can narrow your search down to only the plant varieties that you know will thrive in your space.


Choose a Plant

This section provides a detailed guide for 20 of the most common houseplants with information about light, water, and temperature requirements for each. You will also receive recommendations about the best places to purchase indoor plants, whether you are shopping in-person, online, or wanting to rescue plants.


Care for Your Plants

The final section is your guide for all things plant care, including watering, cleaning, pruning, fertalizing, and repotting. Rather than spending hours scrolling through articles online, this guide delivers comprehensive plant care in one neat package. In addition, the Indoor Plant inspiration page is full of videos and Instagram accounts sure to give you great ideas about plants to purchase or other plant care tips to try out.

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