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The most difficult part of doing my THING used to be finding motivation on days when I just wasn't feeling it. On those days, I tried to find a video, a podcast, a book, or something (ANYTHING) to inspire me. Too often though, I struggled to find anything good and ended up never doing my THING that day. I often thought, "It would be so nice to know exactly where to go to instantly find inspiration."

Well, my wish came true. That place is right here.  


Welcome to The Inspiration Page.


On days where you're not feeling motivated to do your THING, this is the place you can turn for motivation.

I've put together the best free resources that you can use for inspiration while you're doing your THING. Not everything I found made the final cut. In other words, this is only the good stuff.

You can (and should) visit this page any time you do your THING. But I especially recommend visiting The Inspiration Page when...

1. You know all you need is one quick motivation boost to get yourself to do your THING.

2. Your free time for the day is just starting.

3. You are looking for ways to branch out of your usual routine.

4. You want to learn how others have done this same THING.


An Oxford University study showed that people who do yoga are less stressed and sleep better at night, among many other health benefits.

This quick video is a great visual reminder that yoga can have benefits that you can see and feel in a relatively short amount of time. That's why yoga is a great THING to select and stick with for 30 days - or more.

Learn how standing up straight can decrease stress hormones, among other benefits of yoga.

The music and editing in this video is cringy at best.  But the story will make you want to run through a wall.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us turned to yoga as a source of at-home fitness, mental stability, and routine. Matt D'Avella's 30-Day yoga journey speaks to each of those benefits.

7-foot-tall Indiana Pacers Center Myles Turner explains how he went from a doubter to believer in the benefits of yoga on and off the court.


Peter’s Podcast

This is the perfect podcast to listen to at 1.5x speed. I find it calming and engaging

at the same time. It has certainly opened my mind to the world of yoga outside of

the YouTube yoga classes I got so used to during this THING.


The Yoga Show 

An easily digestible 4-episode series that features interviews with influential people

in the world of yoga. Fair warning, you'll occasionally hear terms like "manifesting",

"vibrations", and "energetic signature" in this one. If that's a little much for you,

don't worry. The host usually steps in with a quick "What does that mean?" to bring

the conversation back down to Earth, so to speak.



Yoga Journal

This is the online home of a massively popular yoga magazine. Founded in 1975, Yoga Journal has repeatedly won Western Publications Association's Maggie Awards for "Best Health and Fitness Magazine" and Forbes magazine called the website the "the Web's most expansive and impressive Yoga site."

Embody Inclusivity

This creator of this website identified a need for diversity and representation in the yoga world and she set out to do something about it. You’ll also find her free guided yoga practices here. I had a particular love-hate relationship with this flexibility practice when I was trying to work down to touching my toes.


The Reddit community for yoga has around 300,000 members and contains tons of good resources. It is also great if you’re looking for an encouraging community of beginners and experts alike.

In-Person classes



This site allows you to filter by type of class, which is a helpful feature.


This site looks like it was designed in 1999, but it is still useful.


This is a great resource if you’re getting serious about finding in-person classes or yoga retreats.


This site offers many types of fitness classes, some of which include yoga.

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